Technical Review of a HID Kit Installation

By MF Admin On July,18,2013

A MotorFiend customer was good enough to take the time to make a very informative video post discussing the technical aspects of a HID headlight conversion. Here’s the video – …

The in-car DVR – Do you have one yet?

By MF Admin On July,13,2013

The in car DVR is an excellent tool for drivers who would like to keep their vehicle under surveillance against theft or accidents, but more commonly it’s being installed as …

HID Headlight Conversion Before and After

By MF Admin On April,10,2013

We just did a HID Headlight conversion on a friend’s car – a 2004 Ford Escape. The vehicle uses a 9003 bulb, which incorporates both the high and low beam …

GM Recalls Over 38,000 Chevy Impala Police Cruisers in the U.S. and Canada

By Jawed Tajzai On August,14,2012

It seems like, especially as of recent, a lot of car manufactures are starting to recall a lot of their vehicles back due to some sort of problem. Today, it …

Today’s Photograph

By MF Admin On August,13,2012

Boo, I see you. Credits: danyi03_PW

Jeep Gladiator May Release Around 2015

By Jawed Tajzai On August,13,2012

It was a couple of years ago, 2005 to be exact, when Jeep unveiled one of their most unique designs ever. It was first shown at the North American International …